Protecting Lives in the People-Plant Interface.

What we do.

Inspired by the saying ‘where there’s light, there’s life’, here at FHOSS we produce a range of high performance, illuminated safety products for numerous industries and applications.

We are a British-based company providing next-generation Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and vehicle mounted safety systems designed to improve worker visibility, reduce accidents and make working environments safer.

Our range of systems are designed with workers in mind across the construction, aggregates/quarrying, and logistics industries, where visibility is key. The concept of zero harm works off the idea that every employee, contractor, and visitor who enters a work site should be able to rely on an intact and safe working environment every single day.

Our Bespoke Systems.

Our FHOSS HALO Illuminated Exclusion Zone allows workers, site visitors and the public to clearly identify danger areas around plant, vehicles and other high-risk environments.

Mitigate risk with our patented, custom-designed, visually striking illuminated and reflective vehicle graphics.

Whether you want to light up your company name or keep your workforce safe with important information or signage, FHOSS CAST Intelligent Projection is the way forward.

The FHOSS Cycle Lane system has been developed to help provide additional awareness for Vulnerable Road Users, in this case cyclists, when commercial vehicles are turning left.

Designed with your workforce in mind, our patent-pending Smart Illuminated Walkway system allows us to bridge the gap between people and plant.

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How we do it.

Unlike traditional reflective items, which don’t show-up when there’s no ambient light, FHOSS products are clearly visible from up to a mile away even in total darkness. While traditional reflective tape loses 70% of its performance in wet conditions, ours continues to perform at full capacity in poor weather.

We produce and distribute a range of enhanced illuminated safety products. They range from our bespoke Light Livery and FHOSS HALO Exclusion Zone, CAST and Cycle Lane systems for use onsite in the people-plant interface, to our high performance illuminated safety accessories to protect individuals.

They include the FHOSS Illuminated Cord, Armband and Glow Skin and are available for Commercial customers to improve onsite safety for individual workers or to the public, whether its for cycling, running, equine or any outdoor activity, our Leisure range will feature an accessory appropriate for you and your loved ones.

“The feedback from the staff has been extremely positive. They are the first staff out on track and the last back in, in extremely dark and complex locations. This has been a great help allowing train drivers to see our staff from a far greater distance and allowing the driver to sound a courtesy warning. They are now in a situation where both staff and driver are aware of each other’s presence. Prior to using FHOSS, this never happened during darkness, quieter trains, CWR and un-visible staff at night all contributed to staff not being seen and unaware of any approaching trains on adjacent lines. All staff have said that they feel safer whilst at work undertaking their duties. All in all a great product which has enhanced the safety and well being of our staff. “


“Pilot Tool van from Hanson now working in the Bedford area with one of Hanson Central Gangs. Great feedback from client and the public. All new Hanson Contracting vans will come equipped with FHOSS Illuminated vehicle wrap.”


“FHOSS were promoted as Innovation of the month, and comment from one of the traffic marshals as follows; “I certainly feel safer, particularly when I have to suspend the public highway to allow HGV’s to enter the site””


“FHOSS Safety wear met our high expectations. When wearing FHOSS, the operator could be seen one and a half miles down the track. In complete darkness, normal PPE could not be seen at all.”


“We’ve been working closely with FHOSS Technology to develop this product for use by road workers in what will be a first for Scotland. The health and safety of our employees is of paramount importance to Scotland TranServ. By increasing the visibility of our employees working across the region we are also improving the safety of drivers, ensuring they have the distance to react and slow down ahead of the work area. FHOSS safety wear helps us achieve this aim. “


“When wearing FHOSS, it is really noticeable just how much the boys stand out during hours of darkness. Unfortunately, there are always going to be some areas of our site where ambient light is not available. With FHOSS, however, this doesn’t matter. When wearing their jackets, my men can be seen at all times, with or without the presence of ambient light and from a good distance away – it always surprises me from just how far away I can see my men! The fact that the batteries are rechargeable is also a real benefit and it means that we don’t need to keep buying new ones. The guys have got into a good routine of charging their batteries after each shift so the jackets are ready for use the following night. The price of this PPE is very reasonable and is certainly worth the investment if it means that our men are going to be safer.”


“This product is amazingly bright at night. Providing extra protection when working not only on the Highway, but on site in general.”

– BAM Nuttall LTD

““I am particularly impressed by the overall construction quality and design of the garments also the opportunity of the trouser hem strips illuminating the ground around your feet lighting every footstep”.”


“They look smarter than the conventional PPE, they feel a better quality and in relation to identification at night, you stand out a bloody mile”


“Your product is simply brilliant.”