Risk Elimination through Illumination

Our Mission


Protect Lives.


The phrase that sits so close to the centre of our company culture “where there is light, there is life”, is a true marker of what is important to us at FHOSS. Life is undeniably precious; and it needs to be protected. In the fast-paced noise of the modern day it’s easy for us to put time and profit over safety, whether you’re on-site, on the road or out with the family, you need to stay safe. 

That’s why FHOSS leads the way for worker and pedestrian safety, we aim to seek root causes of life-threatening issues and use illumination to solve them. Our range of market leading systems and accessories help to mitigate risks every day, in the people-plant interface and at home – all through illumination.


Innovate & Adapt.


It is the very nature of our business to innovate. Born of a simple solution to difficulties identifying security personnel in busy nightclubs, FHOSS started out selling Personal Protective Equipment with a unique illuminated core – powered by a battery. These clothing items allowed workers to be visible with or without a secondary light source. 

Finding large companies reluctant to invest in what was considered relatively expensive PPE, we shifted our focus to the wider, heavier side of the construction industry. The people-plant interface has been our primary focus ever since, with huge uptake of both the Light Livery and FhossHalo Exclusion® systems, with Cycle Lane closely following behind after its launch in early 2021. Every problem we come across challenges us to put our unique skillset, ideas, and technology to the test.


Inform & Maintain.


Our vision of the future is a bright one, we want to see a zero-harm culture across the board, our founder Andrew Kimitri said; “The concept of zero harm works off the idea that every employee, contractor, and visitor who enters a work site should be able to rely on an intact and safe working environment every single day.

With our passion and ethos for safety and many forward-thinking companies now using this as the basis of their safety procedures, our job of providing our systems has been made slightly easier. However, we still face challenges when trying to educate people who have not seen our systems in action, as the saying goes, seeing is believing.” By working together, we can build a better class of safety for our workforces and those at home. 

Be safe, be seen.