FHOSS Illuminated Safety Walkway Crossing System

Segregating Pedestrians From Vehicles, Day and Night

Designed with your workforce in mind, our patent-pending Illuminated Safety Walkway system allows us to bridge the gap between people and plant. Ensuring that you are in control of the movement of pedestrians and vehicles on your site.

Communication between the two has been a challenge on-site until now, through the simple use of our next-generation pedestrian crossing, your workers and site visitors can traverse with confidence and peace of mind.

We all know the consequences of accidents on site, mitigate risks in the people-plant interface – no matter the weather, with FHOSS Illuminated Safety Walkways. Be safe, be seen.

Mag-Lock Gate

24-hour "Red & Green Man"

Driver Traffic Light

Audible Siren

One Button Simplicity

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How It Works

Mag-lock Gate

Magnetic locking gate gives you absolute peace of mind that pedestrians are controlled safely, only allowing them to cross when drivers have been signalled to stop.

Red & Green Man

Red & green FhossHALO lights bring the red / green man signal off-highway, keeping your staff safe, with a system functionally similar to a highway pelican crossing.

Driver Traffic Light

Standard vehicle traffic lights bring on-highway familiarity to your worksite. Negating the need for crossing wardens, barriers or pedestrian-driver comms.

Audible Siren

An alarm sounds as pedestrians cross, informing them of when to cross, and when not to start crossing as the cycle comes to an end. Per your requirements, sirens may be loud enough for drivers to hear from the cab

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Why Do You Need Illuminated Safety Walkways?

With health and safety at the forefront of our minds today, it is undeniably important that we read and understand the current statistics, from the most significant dangers to workers to the effect that lost time and prosecution have on businesses and the country as a whole.

A short synopsis here of the latest statistics released by HSE gives us an overview of the frequency of ill health in the construction sector, the reasons for it, the cost of injury and the most significant risks to workers.

With vehicles as dangerous on-site as they are, Illuminated Safety Walkways allow people to communicate with plant quickly, effectively, and non-verbally. This step forward from the basic crossing found on the majority of sites creates a sense of synergy on-site, as workers on the ground can broadcast their location to operators in any weather or light conditions.

There were 143 prosecution cases led by HSE or in Scotland, the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal where a verdict was reached in 2019/20, resulting in:

  • 137 cases (96%) with a conviction for at least one offense;
  • £8.3 million in total fines averaging over £60,000 per conviction;
  • In 2018/19 there were 157 cases resulting in 146 convictions (93%); this led to £18.5 million total fines and average fines of around £126,000.

The rate of self-reported work-related ill health has been broadly flat in recent years

Order Process and Installation

We work closely with our partners and clients to ensure we are up to date with the latest methods and working practices which means we are so much more than just another supplier.

Our dedicated team of safety specialists are on hand to answer any questions and to offer advice on the best placement and usage of our safety systems. Once we’ve agreed the right system for your requirements, we will arrange a mutually convenient time and location to fit your equipment.

Our highly skilled FHOSS engineers are fully trained and equipped to carry out your install with the minimum of fuss in a professional and timely manner, with no downtime or digging onsite.

We offer both installation and setup of the system itself, as well as an all inclusive package that includes the framework for our equipment to sit on – all part of the price.

In the unlikely event of breakdown, installs and equipment are covered by a 12 month manufacturing defects warranty giving you complete peace of mind. If this does occur, we will endeavour to get an engineer to you as soon as possible ensuring minimum downtime.

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Asked Questions

Our dedicated team of safety specialists are on hand to answer any questions and to offer advice on the best placement and usage of our safety systems.

We work closely with our partners and clients to ensure we are up-to-date with the latest methods and working practices which means we are so much more than another supplier.

Does it work in the day?

Yes, our Illuminated Safety Walkway functions as a standard traffic light system in the day, given that the HALO lamps point towards the pedestrian.

Is downtime required for installation?

No, the system works wirelessly and therefore requires no trenches to be dug.

How long does installation take?

Our teams can install the Walkway in a day.

Will the lines rub off over time?

Due to the nature of our HALO lights, we project the lines onto the topmost layer of the surface. Water, dirt, snow etc will all allow the lines to show.

How far can the crossing project?

We can project beams across 25m using two frameworks, and as many as need be can be added to create a wider crossing.

Will the system function in adverse weather?

Yes, Walkway will function in all conditions, every element is IP67 rated.

How robust is the system?

Our system has been in testing for the last few years, staying perfectly functional in the harshest aggregate & quarrying conditions. With the correct maintenance, Smart Walkway is built to outlast any other crossing solution.

Is the system waterproof?

Yes, Illuminated Safety Walkways are IP67 rated across the board, and will work fine in any condition.

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I therefore have no hesitation in recommending FHOSS, in particular the Safety Walkway, if you are looking to reduce the potential for accidents then look to FHOSS who are leading the way with their next-generation systems for worker and pedestrian safety.

FHOSS have developed an outstanding reputation within the construction industry for the their range of high performance illuminated safety products. I have used the Illuminated Safety Walkway and Glow Skin technology on my sites, this combination of systems is the ultimate fail-safe solution when people vs plant needs to be controlled. I have no doubt that this technology will become industry standard.

All staff have said that they feel safer whilst at work undertaking their duties. All in all a great product which has enhanced the safety and well being of our staff.

FHOSS were promoted as Innovation of the month, and comment from one of the traffic marshals as follows; “I certainly feel safer, particularly when I have to suspend the public highway to allow HGV’s to enter the site”