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FHOSS CAST Intelligent Projection allows site safety managers to project illuminated signs onto any surface, such as ground targets for aggregate loading bays, height warnings for heavy plant machinery, or for pedestrian warnings such as fire exits or forklift truck operating zones. Keeping pedestrians informed and safe from severe injury or death. Whether you want to light up your company name and stay ahead of the competition or keep your workforce safe with important information or signage – FHOSS CAST is the next step in illuminated visual messaging

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How It Works


By shining light through a specialised filter, with a Gobo lens the image is produced in a range of 1-10m.


We offer a completely bespoke design service, to ensure that your exact requirements are met for your site.


We can also provide a large range of standard ISO 7010 safety symbols, that keep all on-site signage familar to all on-site.


By projecting the image onto the topmost layer of the surface, FHOSS CAST negates the need for stickers, repainting of lines, or cleaning.


Our manufacturing processes allow us to create projected imagery in a range of sizes, per your requirements we will work to meet your needs.

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