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Our answer to pedestrian infractions, day and night.

The FHOSS Field Pedestrian Detection Zone combines next-generation exclusion zone technology with advanced AI detection algorithms that pick up human silhouettes, to create a full coverage 24-hour pedestrian safety system.

We have combined these technologies to bring this true turn-key solution to market, to provide both on-highway and off-highway vehicles with a single comprehensive pedestrian detection zone system.

FHOSSHalo Exclusion Zone

Live Camera Feed to Driver

Advanced Pedestrian Detection AI

External & Internal Warning Siren

Cloud-based Event Notifications

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How It Works

FHOSSHalo Exclusion

FHOSSHalo Exclusion Zone lighting provides pedestrians with a visual indicator of the dangerous areas around a vehicle, so that they can avoid them.

Live Camera Feed

A live camera feed to the cab allows drivers to observe everything that is happening around them without the risk of blind spots.

Pedestrian Detection AI

Advanced pedestrian detection AI accurately picks up human silhouettes and movement, if a pedestrian is detected in the exclusion zone, both are alerted.

External & Internal Siren

Two alarms alert the driver and pedestrian to any exclusion zone infringement, allowing both to quickly respond and de-escalate the situation.

Cloud-based Notification

Cloud based alerts allow you to deal with near misses and other potentially dangerous circumstances quickly and effectively, with video and location evidence.

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