FHOSS Field Pedestrian Safety

FHOSS Field Pedestrian Safety

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The FHOSS Field Pedestrian Detection Zone combines next-generation exclusion zone technology with 360° cameras and advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms to differentiate between humans, vehicles, and other objects - ensuring that operators know exactly what's going on around them, and that they are working safely. Creating a full coverage 24-hour pedestrian safety system.

We have combined these technologies to bring this true turn-key solution to market, to provide both on-highway and off-highway vehicles with a single comprehensive pedestrian detection zone system.


Illuminated Exclusion Zone
Pedestrian Segregation
Low Light Safety
Expert Installation
Advanced AI Pedestrian Detection
24-Hour Safety
Live Camera Feed to Driver
Internal & External Infringement Alarm
Real-time Tracking
Built-in Telematics
Cloud Based Event Notifications
60-Day 1080p Online Video Backup
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"We take safety very seriously, and we now have a total of 25 machines - wheeled and tracked - that are equipped with the Halo lighting system says. It is useful for night work, of course, but it also has a value when working indoors on larger industrial building projects. Also when tunnelling or in any area where ambient lighting is poor. We've also found the system to be really useful in winter, as it just adds that little bit of extra demarcation around kit before dawn and again, with an early sunset."

- Dan O'Brien, M O'Brien Plant Hire

"FHOSS Halo Exclusion is an innovation that enhances safety for very little additional cost. Those on-site will see the light and not walk across it. It reinforces the thumbs-up view for those working with, and around, machinery."

- Dale - Plantforce

"It looks very dramatic in darkness. When plant machinery is working at night, there is very little light to reflect back from standard prismatic material. This is where companies really benefit from FHOSS innovation as it does not require a secondary light source."

- Craig Flowers, Aggregate Industries

"I therefore have no hesitation in recommending FHOSS, in particular the Safety Walkway, if you are looking to reduce the potential for accidents then look to FHOSS who are leading the way with their next-generation systems for worker and pedestrian safety."

- Justin Collis, National Operations, Hanson Quarry Products Europe

"FHOSS have developed an outstanding reputation within the construction industry for the their range of high performance illuminated safety products. I have used the Illuminated Safety Walkway and Glow Skin technology on my sites, this combination of systems is the ultimate fail-safe solution when people vs plant needs to be controlled. I have no doubt that this technology will become industry standard."

- Kurt Williams MCIOB, Senior Site Manager - Western, BAM Construction Ltd

"Great product, big cyclist, cut to any size I wanted, exactly what I was looking for."

- Nikkie2010

"Fantastic. My kids absolutely love the product, definitely worth it, now I can't lose my children!"

- Nickbbb

"Great product! Perfect for cycling around London on dark evenings! Highly recommended. Small and lightweight - I love it."

- MillyS

"I got my new backpack and I am very happy with it and recommend it"

- Johnboy71

"Really clever and very simple. Easy to operate via the bluetooth control. Very bright. Nice compact size."

- James_007

"All staff have said that they feel safer whilst at work undertaking their duties. All in all a great product which has enhanced the safety and well being of our staff. "


"Pilot Tool van from Hanson now working in the Bedford area with one of Hanson Central Gangs. Great feedback from client and the public. All new Hanson Contracting vans will come equipped with FHOSS Illuminated vehicle wrap."

- Hanson Contracting Ltd

"FHOSS were promoted as Innovation of the month, and comment from one of the traffic marshals as follows; “I certainly feel safer, particularly when I have to suspend the public highway to allow HGV’s to enter the site""


"FHOSS Safety wear met our high expectations. When wearing FHOSS, the operator could be seen one and a half miles down the track. In complete darkness, normal PPE could not be seen at all."


"By increasing the visibility of our employees working across the region we are also improving the safety of drivers, ensuring they have the distance to react and slow down ahead of the work area. FHOSS safety wear helps us achieve this aim. "


"When wearing FHOSS, it is really noticeable just how much the boys stand out during hours of darkness - it always surprises me from just how far away I can see my men! "


"This product is amazingly bright at night. Providing extra protection when working not only on the Highway, but on site in general."

- BAM Nuttall LTD

"“I am particularly impressed by the overall construction quality and design of the garments also the opportunity of the trouser hem strips illuminating the ground around your feet lighting every footstep”."


"They look smarter than the conventional PPE, they feel a better quality and in relation to identification at night, you stand out a bloody mile"


"Your product is simply brilliant."