Site Setup for Safety in Construction

How important is safety in construction? What potential risks lurk on a construction site? How can your site be optimised for safety?

Construction sites are naturally dangerous environments, with numerous potential risks and dangers lurking around every corner. The setup of a site, regardless of size or scale, should be carefully planned and resourced to offer a safe environment for workers, visitors and the general public.

But where do you start when it comes to getting a building site up and running for optimum safety and productivity? It’s useful to know the key areas involved, as ensuring they’re covered lays down a solid foundation for organised and safe construction site management.

At FHOSS, we’ve been at the forefront of safety innovation since 2008, providing a range of cutting-edge safety systems designed with workers in mind. From Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to vehicle-mounted safety systems, our products are engineered to enhance worker visibility, reduce accidents and create safer working environments.


Key Components of a Safe Site Setup

Proper Signage

Construction site signage is an essential part of any project. It plays a crucial role in alerting workers to prohibited areas, fire or first-aid information and potential dangers, helping to mitigate any risks. 

Proper signage ensures your site complies with the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, set out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). This is essential to create a secure work environment by ensuring that your site complies with legal requirements.

Carrying out a risk assessment or health and safety audit identifies hazards and then pinpoints which signs are needed, which is the best way to determine which safety signs you’ll need for your site. 

Safety Equipment and PPE

Safety equipment and PPE are indispensable elements of a safe construction site setup. While PPE is intended to be the final layer of protection once all other safety measures are in place, workers are vulnerable to harm without it.

Providing and enforcing the use of safety equipment fosters a culture of safety on the construction site. This mindset encourages workers to prioritise their personal well-being as well as the welfare of their colleagues, contributing to an overall safer work environment.

Critical components of safety equipment for ensuring worker protection include:

  • PPE, such as hard hats, safety glasses, gloves and steel-toed boots shields workers from various hazards like falling objects and sharp materials.

  • Respirators protect against inhaling harmful dust, fumes or gases.

  • High-visibility clothing makes workers easily seen, reducing the risk of accidents with moving equipment.

  • Safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, first aid kits and emergency eyewash stations enhances site preparedness for quick and effective responses to accidents or injuries.


FHOSS’ Illuminated PPE range provides a valuable additional safety measure by increasing worker visibility, therefore maximising safety on-site. Our products use enhanced reflective prismatic tape, paired with a unique battery-powered illuminated core, that glows for 12 hours on a single charge. While it functions as standard PPE during the day, it’s particularly beneficial during gloomy days and long winter nights.

Access Control

Access control involves implementing measures to regulate who can enter, exit and access specific areas, which is vital for safety in the busy environment of construction sites. By carefully regulating site access, it not only safeguards personnel but also protects valuable equipment and materials from potential theft or damage. 

There are two main types of access control in construction: physical access control and electronic access control.


Involves using barriers such as fences, turnstiles and security guards to restrict site access.


Relies on technology to manage entry permissions, such as mobile apps, electronic badges or QR codes to grant or deny entry. 


Pedestrian Segregation, Mobile Plant and Vehicle Management


Creating a safe work environment on-site demands careful consideration of mobile plant operations. Given the high-risk nature of working with or near such equipment, the safety of individuals in the vicinity of heavy machinery is of paramount importance.

Our FHOSS Field Pedestrian Detection Zone system stands to ensure life-saving safety for your workforce. It combines next-generation technology with advanced AI detection algorithms that detect human silhouettes and alert both the driver and pedestrian of any exclusion zone infringement, creating a full coverage 24-hour pedestrian safety system.

The FHOSS Halo Exclusion Zone produces a visible light barrier that acts as a visual deterrent around high-risk vehicles, clearly indicating danger zones for heightened awareness. It utilises powerful and durable LED lighting, which is ideal for demanding environments such as high-traffic areas, ports, quarries and construction sites.

In warehouses, the system serves as effective directional signage which eliminates the need for painted lines, cutting maintenance costs and offering flexibility in creating or adjusting zoned areas.

Additional safety measures to achieve secure traffic management on-site include:

Additional safety measures to achieve secure traffic management on-site include:

  • Managing on-site traffic routes with separate entry and exit points.

  • Minimising the number of vehicles on-site at any one time.

  • Providing designated walkways and crosswalks for pedestrians, such as the FHOSS Illuminated Smart Walkway.

  • Enforce speed limits and traffic-calming measures.

  • Implement regular inspections and maintenance of the site.


Transform Your Workplace with FHOSS


FHOSS is committed to elevating safety standards across the construction, aggregates/quarrying and logistics industries. We firmly believe that our bespoke systems and accessories play a pivotal role in enhancing on-site safety.

We proudly lead the market with innovative solutions that actively contribute to accident prevention and the preservation of lives, all through illumination. By prioritising visibility and alertness, we empower workers to carry out their tasks with increased awareness and confidence, encouraging a safer and more secure working environment across diverse sectors.

Enhance your site’s safety and efficiency with FHOSS. Contact our team today to discover how we can transform your site setup for a brighter and safer tomorrow.


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