Smart Illuminated Walkways: The Future of Pedestrian Segregation

Discover how our innovative controlled illumination technology leads the way for industrial safety, helping to prevent potentially dangerous accidents on-site between people and plant.


The Importance of Site Organisation for Industrial Safety


In the construction industry, we understand that effective site organisation is essential for health and safety, where people-plant interface is one of the highest risk environments for our workforce.

According to data from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), approximately 7 workers lose their lives each year due to accidents involving vehicles or mobile plant on construction sites, with an additional 93 sustaining serious injuries.

The majority of accidents involving construction vehicles happen when workers and vehicles are inadequately separated. These accidents can be minimised through careful planning and controlling how vehicles and pedestrians operate during construction activities.

At FHOSS, we believe that every employee, contractor and visitor who enters a work site should be able to rely on an intact and safe working environment every day. Designed with your workforce in mind, our Illuminated Safety Walkway system takes the lead in promoting industrial safety by maintaining the gap between people and plant through innovative illumination and controls.


Key Features of Illuminated Safety Walkways


Our Illuminated Safety Walkways are specially designed paths within industrial settings that utilise advanced lighting technology to enhance visibility and promote a safer working environment.

These walkways are also equipped with smart features that go beyond traditional lighting solutions, offering a forward-thinking strategy for preventing accidents.

The system features the following:

Mag-Lock Gate

The magnetic locking gate ensures complete peace of mind by securely controlling pedestrian access. It allows workers to cross only when drivers have received a signal to stop, enhancing overall safety.

Driver Traffic Light

Standard vehicle traffic lights bring a sense of on-highway familiarity to your worksite, eliminating the need for crossing wardens, barriers or direct communication between pedestrians and drivers. It can improve the efficiency of operations while reducing the risk of accidents.

Red and Green Man

FhossHALO lights in red and green replicate a system functionally similar to a highway pelican crossing. This helps to convey clear instructions and reduce any misinterpretation, encouraging a safer work environment.

Audible Siren

The siren activates as pedestrians cross, providing a clear signal for when it is safe to proceed and when not to start crossing as the cycle comes to an end. As per your requirements, sirens may be loud enough for drivers to hear from within the cab.


These integrated features of Illuminated Safety Walkways establish a cohesive system that actively responds to the dynamic industrial environment, aligning with our mission to mitigate risks and, ultimately, save lives.


Why Do You Need Smart Illuminated Walkways?


Why choose Illuminated Safety Walkways over basic crossings? Other than saving lives, the answer lies in the transformative benefits our safety system brings to industrial spaces. Illuminated Safety Walkways go beyond conventional measures, offering a range of advantages that create a sense of synergy between construction workers in any weather or light conditions.

Significant Reduction in Accidents and Injuries

Illuminated Safety Walkways reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on industrial sites by enhancing visibility. Through effective control measures and non-verbal communication between pedestrians and plant equipment, these walkways establish secure spaces, creating cohesive and safe collaboration between pedestrians and machinery.

Boost in Worker Productivity

A clear and well-illuminated smart walkway means workers can navigate building sites more confidently and efficiently, saving time and reducing the likelihood of delays or detours.

Cost-Effective Maintenance

Our smart walkway is built to outlast any other crossing solution. The integration of durable materials and innovative technology ensures longevity and reduces the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Technological Innovations in Illumination

FHOSS is a market leader in delivering advanced light-based safety systems tailored for the construction industry. At the forefront of our cutting-edge technologies are our HALO lights, which are projected onto the topmost layer of surfaces to ensure optimal visibility. These lights overcome environmental challenges, ensuring factors such as water, dirt, snow and more do not impede the visibility of the projected lines.

With a commitment to using the highest quality fit and finish, we use an IP67-rated, powder coated aluminium frame that is sure to withstand the test of time on your site.

Elevate your workplace standards with FHOSS, where innovation meets reliability for a brighter and safer future on your construction site.

Contact us today to discover how our Illuminated Safety Walkways can be customised to meet your specific needs and contribute to the success of your operations.

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