We’ve launched our new Cycle Lane safety product with CEMEX

We’ve launched our new Cycle Lane safety product with CEMEX We’ve just launched our new Cycle Lane product designed to improve awareness for both cyclists and truck drivers with the global supplier of building materials CEMEX (June 2021).

We’ve designed and created this cyclist warning system to help prevent accidents and save lives when commercial vehicles turn left. Our CEO Andy Kimitri says: “We’re delighted such a well-respected, global company as CEMEX has agreed to trial our new product.

The UK team has fitted our FHOSS Cycle Lane to one of its rigid tippers based in London, a cement tanker based in Rugby, as well as on six of its mixers operating in London.

“Our new kit is designed to help provide additional awareness for Vulnerable Road Users (VRU), in this case cyclists, when commercial vehicles are turning left.”

CEMEX provides its clients with high quality products including cement, readymix concrete, aggregates, mortars and screeds, asphalt and urbanisation solutions. It currently operates on four continents and has around 2,000 employees who work at more than 200 locations in the UK.

It’s hoping the new kit will protect VRU as part of its road safety strategy. David Hart, Supply Chain Director – UK & France from CEMEX, explains: “We are passionate about road safety, sharing our roads safely and protecting those road users who may be more vulnerable.

This new safety technology from FHOSS supports our road safety strategy, which is all about helping save lives.

“Operating large cement tanker and aggregate tipper fleets means we are always looking at innovative technology that will aid the driver, as well as protect VRUs. We are currently undertaking field trials to seek driver feedback on the equipment in terms of benefits and reliability. While these remain in their infancy, the initial feedback has been very positive.”

Our FHOSS Cycle Lane alerts cyclists on the left of a truck, where the driver has a blind spot, so they can see if a vehicle is likely to be making a left turn. The unit is fitted with a Gobo lens, which projects an image/message on to a solid surface, such as the road, to give an alert when a manoeuvre is about to take place, allowing a cyclist to stay safely out of the way. Also installing the system is the TRU7 Group, which hires out heavy vehicles and plant to the construction and demolition industry. 

If you’d like to try out our FHOSS Cycle Lane, please call us on +44(0)845 519 2725 or email enquiries@fhoss.com

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