Protecting Precious Lives through Illuminated Safety.

What we do.

Inspired by the saying ‘where there’s light, there’s life’, here at FHOSS we produce a range of high performance, illuminated safety products for numerous industries and applications.

We are a British-based company providing next-generation Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) designed to improve worker visibility, reduce accidents and make working environments safer.

Our products use enhanced reflective prismatic tape with a unique battery powered illuminated core and offer a safer, modern alternative to traditional, 50 year old glass bead reflective tape.

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How we do it.

Unlike traditional reflective items, which don’t show-up when there’s no ambient light, FHOSS products are clearly visible from up to a mile away even in total darkness. While traditional reflective tape loses 70% of its performance in wet conditions, ours continues to perform at full capacity in poor weather.

We produce and distribute a range of enhanced illuminated safety products. They range from our bespoke Light Livery and FHOSS HALO Exclusion Zone, CAST and Cycle Lane systems for use onsite in the people-plant interface , to our high performance illuminated safety accessories to protect individuals.

They include the FHOSS Illuminated Cord, Armband and Glow Skin and are available for Commercial customers to improve onsite safety for individual workers or to the public, whether its for cycling, running, equine or any outdoor activity, our Leisure range will feature an accessory appropriate for you and your loved ones.

“Great product, big cyclist, cut to any size I wanted, exactly what I was looking for.”

– Nikkie2010

“Fantastic. My kids absolutely love the product, definitely worth it, now I can’t lose my children!”

– Nickbbb

“Great product! Perfect for cycling around London on dark evenings! Highly recommended. Small and lightweight – I love it.”

– MillyS

“I got my new backpack and I am very happy with it and recommend it”

– Johnboy71

“Really clever and very simple. Easy to operate via the bluetooth control. Very bright. Nice compact size.”

– James_007